Ceramic Blue Christmas Tree
Ceramic Blue Christmas Tree
Ceramic Blue Christmas Tree
Ceramic Blue Christmas Tree
Ceramic Blue Christmas Tree
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Ceramic Blue Christmas Tree

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*Instantly transform any room into a winter wonderland with these lighted ceramic Christmas tree

*Wonderfully whimsical, these table top Christmas lights capture the spirit of the holidays and cast a
gentle glow with twinkling lights.

*This ceramic Christmas tree measures 10.5 inches tall and features a clear star with classic clear lights.

*Each of these Christmas decorations is handcrafted using only the highest quality materials including a
vintage mold.

*Once molded, the tree is cleaned, the light holes are drilled and the tree is fired in the kiln. This tree is dry
brushed with blue paint to appear more matte and finally the Christmas Lights are glued in by hand.

*Each piece of holiday décor is fitted with a light kit including a dial to turn your lights on and off.

*Ideal for adding festive décor to your child’s room, a hallway decoration for the
holidays, or a centerpiece for your holiday table, this traditional Christmas tree will become a family
heirloom passed from generation to generation.

*Processing time for each tree nightlight is approximately two weeks.

*If you love the idea of these lighted Christmas trees, but would like a different size or color arrangement
for your lights, custom orders are always welcome. I have five available sizes of this style tree.

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