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Teresa's Ceramics

Ceramic Glazed Chimnea | Small Candle Holder | Boho Incense Holder | Mosaic Black & Blue | Choose Your Style | Rustic Garden Accent

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Welcome those you love with cleansing your space, these chimneas make this process easy.

Simply use a cone incense or small candle to create a warm environment.

Their reflective glaze is stunning against the light, whether it be a candle or an LED battery operated faux flame.

Ceramics are a special housewarming or wedding gift. Timeless and one-of-a-kind make these chimneas a special memory.

Each ceramic chimnea is handmade in the studio using the slip casting method. Premium American slip is poured into a vintage ceramic mold, cast, removed and cleaned. Once cleaned it is fired in the kiln. After a day of cooling the piece is removed, cleaned again to glaze. Once glazed, they are fired once more in the kiln.

The glaze has two options:
mosaic blue, or a bronzed black

7.5 inches tall
5.5 inches wide

Please select your choice of glaze from the drop down menu!

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Chimnea gets hot when using a candle.
Keep away from children.