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Teresa's Ceramics

Ceramic Matte Christmas Tree 13"

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This tree is a classic.

It measures 13 inches tall, including the star.

This Christmas tree light is made to order. It will ship in 1-2 weeks!!

This lighted Christmas tree will be slip cast in my studio.
Then it will be fired in the kiln and then painted with an acrylic paint that has a shimmer to it.
Finally the light kit which has a switch to turn it on and off will be wired up and all of the small plastic lights will be glued in.
You will receive clear colored star.
This little tree has clear lights.
This is a perfect tree for the childrens room or someone who wants an easy way to decorate for Christmas.
It is like Instant Christmas!
These trees are perfect if you have limited space for decorating.
They make wonderful wedding or housewarming gifts, and are great for dorm rooms, nursing homes or for just about anyone.

Thanks for shopping at Teresa's Ceramics ♥