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Teresa's Ceramics

Fall Leaves | Set of 8 | Autumn Leaf Set

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This beautiful heirloom leaf set comes in a group of eight leaves, just look at how unique and adorable their expressions are!

Each whimsical Leaf has two types of each leaf, the leaves are from Oak, Maple, Ash and Dog Wood Trees.

Handmade in my ceramic studio, each leaf is created from premium ceramic slip. The slip is poured into a ceramic mold, dried, cleaned, fired in the kiln and hand painted. Once each leaf is painted a clear coat of protective varnish is applied to each leaf to protect the color from fading.

These miniature leaves also have adjustable wire legs that can be altered for customized positioning. You could even adjust the wiring to hang them all on your wall.

All of the miniature leaves measure at 3.5" high.

*Each leaf is hand painted, colors do slightly vary.*

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