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Teresa's Ceramics

Ceramic Winged Gargoyle

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This guy will protect your castle.

This gargoyle is ready to ship!

He is quite scary looking with his large horns and gnarly teeth. His beady little eyes will spook just about anyone. He is sitting on a throne of human skulls (ICK)

I made this medieval looking gargoyle in my home studio, using a mold and liquid clay called slip. He was then fired in the kiln and once he cooled down he was painted using acrylics. A sealer was then applied to protect him from the elements should you wish to display him outside. I bring mine indoors during the winter months.

This awesome Gargoyle is substantial in size measuring 13 inches tall, 11 inches wide from wing tip to wing tip, and 6 inches in depth.


A race of creatures that endure life as statues, but come alive to ward off Evil beings.
Their statues are usually placed atop places of worship such as churches to deter Evil from entering.
If need be, they can leave their resting place to fend off the persistent Evil.

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