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Teresa's Ceramics

Groovy Gnome | Forrest Gnome

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Gnomes in the garden - Gnomes on the shelf - Gnomes for everyone, even yourself!!

Look at the newest garden gnome in the shop ♥
I'm so excited by this peace gnome. He is super cute with his red hat and purple daisy flower.
He's shooting you the peace sign and wishes that we could all get along!

* This gnome will make the perfect garden decoration.
* Sealed with an acrylic spray he can be used indoors or out.
* Can be painted to your specifications.
* Will be your favorite new buddy.
* Measures 6.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide.
* Just the right gift for that gnome collector in your life.

He was made using the slip casting method. Once dried the seams were meticulously cleaned and then he was fired in the kiln for about 6 hours. Left to cool for another day and finally painted using acrylic paints.

Love the way he turned out!! Let me know if I can customize one for you.

Thanks so much for visiting Teresa's Ceramics ♥