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Whimsical Garden Gnomes | Woodland Garden Gnomes | Select Your Style

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Whimsical woodland gnomes!
Collect all three or select one style from the drop-down menu.

Three brother gnomes all with different personalities. The tallest is a wizard with a dazzling purple hat. The second tallest has a blue hat and loves to spread joy all around the garden. Lastly, the smallest but plumpest gnome is in charge of the flower garden. He has a designated flower hat up top his head and earth-toned colors. Let them join you in the planting season!

Measurements of all three gnomes:
Purple hat: 10inch tall, width 3.5 inches
Blue hat: 8 inches tall, 3 3/4 inch width
Orange hat: 7.5 inches tall, 4 1/2 inch width

All gnomes are handmade using the slip casting method. Each whimsical woodland gnome is removed from the ceramic mold, cleaned, fired in the kiln and removed once cooled. After the piece cools, which takes half of a day, they are cleaned once more and then painted to be shipped off to your doorstep!

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